KitchenAid Mixer SCAM

KitchenAid Mixer SCAM 

KitchenAid – Please read this if you have come across a website selling KitchenAide mixers at a low cost of seventy dollars.

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If you are looking for a kitchen aid mixer for this Labor day holiday special, and you come across a website that is selling them at a low price of only $68.94

Becareful, this website is a scam, these mixers sell well over $200 online through Amazon, Ebay and

This website was brought to my attention from a family member who was interested in purchasing this mixer as they seen it for real cheap.

This website was found on Facebook as a popup ad, when playing a facebook game.

I have done some intense research on this company and have found its a true scam trying to get your payment information.

This company has just launched its website today September 3rd 2018 as a Labor Day scam.

I want to make sure no one will be scammed by these scammers, here are a few images to show you this website is a fake.

As you can see this website is a fake website that does not sell the kitchenAid mixers, but the pictures you can see the website was opened today and the ratings are none.

The trusting of this website is labeled as “Risk” I will put the website down so that you can review this information for yourself, and let other people know so they do not fall prey for this scam.


The only way to contact the company is by email, where they will respond via email. Becarefull, they will sell your email


Once you have read this article, please forward it, share it and post it to help the other people who will come a cross this website, and not notice it as a scam website.


















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