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Walmart Automotive Center – Looking to get services on your vehicle at Walmart? Don’t get services before you read this article.

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Recently I had services done on my car when I got a flat tire on my . I took my car to Walmart to have the tire replaced on Tuesday October 2nd 2018 at 1:18pm

The service guy told me it would only take 30 minutes to have it changed as there was only one person a head of me.

I went inside Walmart to do a bit of shopping while my tire was getting fixed.

After finishing my shopping, I noticed it was about an hour later from when I left my car. I went to check out and to pay for my service.

As I went to pay, the guy at the register told me that my car was not finished yet. I looked out the window in the waiting room to see that another car was getting new tires.

I was the second person in line to get services, so the car I seen getting new tires was not in line when I dropped off my car.

I had asked the guy in the automotive department, why was my car not finished as I was quoted 30 minutes and it has already been an hour and its not even been worked on.


In fact I seen the guy changing another cars tires that was not next in line. They told me that service is done on first come first served.

This was not the case, as there was only one car ahead of me that was getting a new tire and it was almost finished. So I should have been finished in twenty to thirty minutes at max.

I am not happy with Walmarts service, they state that first come first serve. That is not true, I bet they do service according to the amount of price is being paid. In my case, I was only getting one tire, but the one that was getting worked on was getting 4 tires = more money spent.

Not to mention they charge too much for putting on new tires, its ten dollars per tire. Any other place just charges you just a flat rate of the price of the tires, because you buy the tires from them.

I would say that I have had service on my car before, and by far Walmart is the worst. The employees are lazy and they take their time doing the work, as they figure they get paid hourly, there is no rush to get the work done.


I have seen the employees in the automotive just walk around looking at other cars not doing anything. Plus I have seen two to three people at one car changing oil. How many people does it take to change one cars oil?

I would not recommend getting service done at Walmart, spend a little more money and get your service done by a better company that will not take hours to service your vehicle.


To file a complaint with your local Walmart, click on the link below

U p d a t e: After contacting Walmart directly at the links above, the headquarters contacted the local Walmart service manager about the problem I experienced during my recent service visit.

The next day, I had received a phone call from the service manager asking if I could call them back to resolve any issues I had with my recent service experience.

I did return the call and talked to the service manager, I explained my problem in full details including the time that I had dropped my car to get serviced.

The service manager apologized, and said he would like to make it up to me by doing a free oil change which retails for ($68) for my car as it takes synthetic oil.

I agreed to have the service done for free. I took my car in the very next night and had my oil changed, and this time it only took them about fifteen minutes to do.

I just want to thank them for owning up to their mistake and fixing the problem. So for all of you who has read this article, I suggest if you have a problem with Walmart like I have had, to contact them directly through the links I have provided you above.

Yes Walmart did fix the issue, but they really need to educate their employees on customer service. If you state it will take thirty minutes at max to change a tire, then you need to stand by your word.

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