Watch Me APK

Watch Me APK 

What is Watch me?

Watch me is an android application that allows you to watch movies and tv series straight from your Android device.


Watch me offers tons of movies and tv shows from all countries around the world.

This application is totally free to use, its Simply the best streaming App for viewing your most favorite shows and movies.

There is no Signup needed, there are no limitations with this application, you can watch full-length series and movies.

There are more than a thousand plus motion pictures, TV arrangement, TV appears from the different districts.

Most of the content is displayed in HD quality, but also offers SD quality for low bandwidth users and those who are on a cellphone data cap.

AdFree Watch Me Application

The best part of this application is that this version is AdFree, which means no annoying ads or advertising in the application. No more ads in the middle of a movie, or tv show.

With the mod version, you will enjoy the removed ads, banners removed and those unnecessary Permissions.

Alternative to other APKs

If you enjoyed the Terrarium tv apk, then this would be an alternative movie app you can use in replace of the terrarium application.

Another app this will replace is the famous Showbox, if you loved Showbox, then this is a great alternative to choose from.


My thoughts

After reviewing and using this application, I would say if you loved using Showbox and terrarium tv, this would be a great alternative.

Great posters of the movies, you can see the pictures of the movies. Great looking interface and it offers a one click play to play the movies.

No more looking for those annoying links to play a movie, this one is just click and play.

WatchMe  [ad-free mod by Stabiron]

● Ads Removed – No more annoying banners

● Banner Placeholders Removed

● Unnecessary Permissions Removed

● Analytics Disabled



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