30000mAh Solar Power Bank Tranmix Battery Charger

30000mAh Solar Power Bank by Tranmix is a great power bank that gives you lots of power to charge up your phone and tablets. The best part about this power bank is that you can charge it with the thing you get free every day, the sun. Solar Battery chargers make it possible to go outdoors not having to be next to the power plug. Having a solar charger allows you to charge up all of your devices, and can recharge the power bank from the sunlight of outside.

Solar Battery Bank

Best Part of Solar Chargers

You can charge your devices several times with a massive battery. You can charge an iPhone 11 about eight times, Samsung smartphones seven times and the iPad mini around three times.

About this item

One Week’s Power Readily Available on a Single Charge. 30000mAh generous power provides 7-8 charges for iPhone 11, 6-7 charges for Samsung S20, or 2 charges for tablets, so never worry about running out of battery again.

Multifunctional Flashlight Tool for Outdoor. 32 bright LEDs are perfect for lighting up your camping tent at night and also offer SOS and strobe functions for outdoor safety. The solar charger can be easily hung up on your backpack.

Max 3A Output, Charge Your Phone Faster. The USB C port supports up to 3A output for phones and tablets, giving your phone a quick boost whenever needed. It also works as an input port to recharge the solar charger.

Charge 3 Devices Simultaneously. The power bank has a USB C input/output port and TWO standard USB outputs, letting you fast charge a phone, a tablet, and a third device at the same time, especially useful during family trips.

Backup Solar Option When No Power Is Available. Built-in solar panels can convert solar energy into electricity to keep you and your loved ones connected in an emergency, an essential survival gear for outdoors, and a family emergency pack.

Solar Power Bank

Package include:

What you will get when you purchase this solar battery bank is a solar charger 30000mAh, a charging cable, and a user manual.

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