Streaming Content Disclaimer Notice Please Read Before You Proceed 


Here is a brief disclaimer notice to all persons who obtain information from my website. Please read all the information in the description before you proceed to Download any of the content. use this information how you see fit. I only post information for educational purposes only, I host nothing and I do not control or maintain any of the download links in the articles.

Content in my website is a how-to guide or a review of how to install a program and is only made for educational purposes only, this can be validated from the videos itself that I only mean it for educational purposes only. This site and the media it produces are in no way associated with the application being distributed.

This Website is a third-party site that shares information unofficially, third-party add-ons and applications Maris Review Channel does not create, develop, own, or financially support any of the apps linked on this platform. I am not responsible for the content you stream on your devices, and I do not condone piracy at all. It is up to you, the user, to ensure that you or the sites you are accessing for streaming have the copyright agreements in place and are entitled to access this content.

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