Amazon Flex Delivery: Do Amazon Discriminate?

Amazon Flex Delivery: Amazon flex is a delivery service that delivers Amazon packages to customers all around the U.S. This service is performed by subcontractors outside of Amazon.

Amazon Flex Delivery is subcontracted much like Uber, DoorDash, and Postmates with their delivery drivers. The only difference is that DoorDash and Amazon flex deliver food, not packages.

Flex Requirements

The requirements to sign up for the Amazon flex program are to signup through the website, download their Flex app, and signup for an account. When signing up to be a contract deliver with amazon flax, they state the pay ranges from $18 – $25 per hour

Once you have signed up for an account, they will ask for your personal information like your driver’s license number, social security number, your date of birth and you need an android or an ios device to download their app. As amazon state, once you have passed the background check, you are good to start picking your shift blocks.

Applicant Tells a Different Story

Now here is where it gets a little dirty, one applicant states they have applied for the Amazon Flex program, and every time they contact the company to see what is the status of their application, they get a reply stating they are waiting on the background check.

The applicant we will call “Jane” called back three weeks later to see what the status of her application was since she has not heard back from the company. Jane, states she called the Flex program and talked to someone that stated the background came back and it passed and not sure why she did not already have access to picking her blocks.

Amazon Flex Program

Another Attempt To Access Amazon Flex

Jane waited another few weeks before contacting Amazon regarding her application via email asking why when she would sign in to her account, the app would give her an error message saying ” Your account has been deactivated”

After receiving the message, Jane contacted the Flex program yet again via email asking “I have tried to sign in to my Amazon Flex account and it’s stating that my account has been deactivated, why has it been deactivated, and that I would like to reactivate my account”

Another Attempt to See Why She was Denied?

A few days later, Jane got a reply from a representative from the Amazon Flex team stating this message in an email she received today “Hello, Thank you for contacting Amazon Flex about the termination of the Amazon Flex Independent Contractor Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) and for providing additional information. We reviewed the information you provided; however, our original determination has not changed. We will not be reinstating your access to Amazon Flex Regards, Shiva G”

Why Being Denied is The Question

As of this time, she still does not know why they will not reinstate her account even though she has passed all their requirements they asked her to become a driver for their company.

When I spoke to Jane about the whole process of the flex program and why she thinks the flex program is discriminating against her, her reply was:

“Well, I have done everything they have asked me to do, and I have even passed their background check. I am not just someone who does not have an education, in fact, I hold an associate degree in the Healthcare Administration field, I have more than ten plus years of customer service experience, and have worked for a delivery company much like the flex program for over two years.

Experience is not an issue with me, it’s not knowing why I am being denied to work with the company that is upsetting. I understand that being denied for a position in life happens, but they usually will tell you why you were being denied, or don’t qualify for that particular position. This will make anyone think they are being discriminated against.

All I have asked them was to explain to me why they have denied my application after they have told me directly that everything was good with my application, and that I have passed all the requirements. To me that is just confusing, you would think that if you have not passed all the requirements, I would not have been told that everything passed.”


Seems to me they are discriminating against her as they already told her over the phone that she should have already been able to start her shift as all the information has passed their approval. So what is the real reason? Amazon Flex program refuses to tell her why they have deactivated her account, they just keep giving her the run around with no answers.

At the least, Amazon flex should reach out to her and explain to her why her application is rejected, I think that would clear up all the misinformation, and explain to her why they stated she passed and then say they are rejecting her information.

Is this how Amazon treats its potential employees? If this is the case, maybe labor laws can help her and maybe shed some more light on this issue that the Amazon flex program has. There may be more people just like Jane who are being targeted for discrimination.

Has This Happened To You?

If you have had a similar instance, please contact us so that we can tell your story and have something done about this issue. We want big companies like this that are discriminating against their potential employees to shed some light on them and stop it from happening. Hopefully, this article can go viral and address all the issues potential employees may have and fix some that the current employees of the flex program may have.

Amazon Founder

If you are having issues with amazon for any reason, you can contact amazon via phone at their headquarters 1-206-266-1000 

Need to reach out to the founder of Amazon? I have done some research and found out that Jeff Bezos is the Ceo of the company and they have listed his email as In researching, this is the best method to contact besides contacting him on his Twitter account.

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If you are interested in becoming an Amazon Flex driver, you can sign up using this link. Hopefully, they will not discriminate against you once you have completed all the requirements. 

Amazon Flex Delivery

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