Animated Movies APK

Animated Movies APK


Animated Movies APK: Since cell phones came into existence, android have taken over the world and everyone who owns a cell phone knows what an application is.

This App is made for children and even for adults (if they’re interested in watching animated movies) or for parents who like to keep an update about the movies for their children. This app provides you the information of all the upcoming animated movies and the ones that have already been released.

You can mark your personal favorites or the movies you need to watch or have already watched to keep yourself aware of the situation of the animated movie.

Furthermore, you can also watch trailers of different animated movies in high quality. You can get any kind of information about the movie just by searching its name. You can also post movie reviews with the help of social media and share your reviews regarding different animated movies. This application helps you understand and study a movie thoroughly before you go on and watch it and it is great for parents because they can find out what they want to show their children and what they don’t want to show them according to their age.

Animated Movies in your favorite genres like:
Cats and dogs
hindi dubbed
urdu dubbed
Tv Shows

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Here are some hit Animated Movies APK

Toy Story
The Lion King
Kung Fu Panda
The Jungle Book
Ice Age

This apk is designed for smartphones, but will work in any android device and also the Amazon Firestick/Fire Tv*

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