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HyFy TV Premium Android APK – Are you looking for a free live tv app that will give you many channels to choose from? Well! look no further, this app will give you more than 160 live tv channels. The apk helps you watch all your favorite live TV channels which include16 0+ channels with many different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi & much more.

Streaming Info: HyFy TV Premium

Streaming looks great on any device. You can watch Live TV on your Mobile and Tablet. At this moment it may not work on the firestick, hopefully, with a mod version, it will work on the firestick.

To make your search even easier, this app has the categorized feature to show all the channels, so you can simply choose the type you're looking for.

HyFy TV Premium


First of all, you need to download the apk file. Then Go to settings and security. You will then need to enable unknown sources on your Android device. Install the apk file on your device. Finally, Open the app to watch your free live tv online with Huge content on your device.

This app will work on all Amazon firesticks, including the 4k model.


nothing touched,
location was disabled,
ads removed
works on firesticks might need mouse toggle

MOD Lite
location removed
lots of useless services removed
arm and x86 support
Changed name of apk to HYFYTV LITE
package name changed(meaning you can install both mods if you wish)
might not work on firesticks

HyFy HyFy TV Premium


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