IPTV Smarters Pro v3.1.3 Android Download

IPTV Smarters Pro: Are you looking for a great Tv Guide player for your paid IPTV service? Well, look no further, because this player is fantastic. This player works with all paid IPTV service, I was using it with the Players Klub service.

I did notice that a few 24/7 sections were not working, that was not due to the player, it was the service. If you want a free guide to show when you search for a channel, this one allows you to download the tv guide free.

To set up this service, you would go to the google play store and download the “IPTV Smarters Pro


Once installed, you will get a notification with the disclaimer, just hit agree or accept. Then it will bring you to a page that asks you, name – username – password – then the HTTP link.


IPTV Smarters Pro
IPTV Smarters Pro


  • The first field, name it to whatever you want.
  • Second, input your username to your paid IPTV service
  • Third field, input your password
  • Last field, you would want to input the http from your IPTV service, if you don't know it, it will be in the file of the m3u file


IPTV Smarters Pro

After it has accepted the login info, then you will see a white box on the left-hand side. Click that and it will take you to the main menu.

IPTV Smarters Pro

Once you click the profile, it will start to load the menus, you will see a message like the one below:


IPTV Smarters Pro


IPTV Smarters Pro

Click on the “Install EPG” To get the tv guide for free. Once installed, you will see this guide menu.


IPTV Smarters Pro

Go back to the main page to go into the live section to see the channel lineup

IPTV Smarters

That is it, you are ready to watch all your IPTV channels including your VOD, Sports, TV Show and your Adult content.


It has the built-in video player that supports all standard codecs including 4k video format too.


It’s for clients who bought the Customised version from us that allows them to configure more than one DNS ( Panel ).


it allows the user to watch 4 screens at the time.


It shows the Program info like Program Name, Next Program info. Apart from that, it shows the full EPG with a timeline for each channel.


It allows the user to record the live TV and watch it anytime from the recording list. The user must have two connections activated to record Live TV.


It has the Chrome Casting feature that allows users to cast the video to the external TV device. Also, it has the ability for the user to add their videos or channels to their favorite section.


A user can set up parental control by putting a password for adult content.


It has the built-in video player that supports all standard codecs including 4k video format too.


The user can watch the TV Archies from their devices. The app shows the Movies Info like Movie name, Movie Description, Rating, Casting from the latest API Platform.

What’s New

  •  Bug Fixes
  •  Xtream codes Patch (No longer using the official API after their takedown)
  •  Data Import
  •  OpenVPN Import has gone

IPTV Smarters Pro v3.1.3Download


Old Version v1.1





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Want to download IPTV Smarters on your phone and you have a OnePlus, this version will work on your OnePlus Devices running Android 11

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