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Set Orientation Firestick Android APK Set Orientation Firestick is an app that will change your screen display. Got a device with a broken sensor? Then you'll know how annoying it is when an app puts your device into landscape mode and it gets left there when you go back to the launcher. After running this app just tap on the notification and it'll ask for a rotation from your device. This app collects no personal data. It doesn't even need network access.

Set Orientation

This app works great on smartphones, tablets and Android tv boxes when you want to watch movies on your devices. In some cases when your device don't support an app because of the display settings, in this case you would need to download an app that will adjust the screen directions.

Set Orientation Firestick

Set Orientation APK

Please note that this app will change all android applications, some may get squeezed and look out of shape. In the case of the squeezed effect, you would need to change the setting to fit the direction that will make it look more normal for the look of the app.


APK Orientation Features:

Change directions of your devices display to 




Automatic (Full)


Landscape (Reverse)

Landscape (Sensor)


Portrait (Reverse)

Portrait (Sensor)


Download Set Orientation Android APK


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