TextNow Free Calling & Texting App Review

TextNow Free Calling & Texting App Review


TextNow Free Calling App: is an application that allows you to text and call from your phone, tablet, and iPod. With the TextNow, You do not need to have phone service, all you need is wifi or mobile data to use this texting application.

first of all, this TextNow App that works on all android and apple phones, you will get free picture messaging, phone calling and voicemail. With this app, you will receive a dedicated phone number you can give your friends your very own phone number.

You will receive unlimited text and picture messages, which means you can send as many texts and picture messages as you want all for free.

TextNow Free Calling App Review

About Application:

If you have used this application before and you love using the free version, you will no longer like using this app. The app has had a new update that has messed it up. Now! even using the free version with all the ads, you can't even call or text with the app, because the developers are not pushing the premium version to all end users.

The developers have stated many times in the play store feedback, that the reason there are so many ads in the app, it to make it free to use for everyone. This is not true, even with all the overwhelming banner, popup and display ads, you still can not make, receive calls or texts.

The only version that worked, was the modded version of the app that removed all the ads. The developers have blocked all the modded versions of TextNow.


I suggest finding new texting and calling app because TextNow Free Calling App is no longer worth having, as it does not work. You can find many apps with the same features, and a lot fewer ads in the app.

If you are interested in getting this app, visit the website link below:

TextNow Free Calling & Texting App Review

TextNow Calling App


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