Arizona Public Service Utility (APS)

Arizona Public Service Utility is now requesting another rate increase as they did last year. To most of the customers who live in Arizona, that means a lot regarding higher electricity bills.

APS Scheduled Hearing

Arizona Public Service informed all of its customers of a scheduled hearing for an application for approval for a permanent rate increase. October 31st, 2019 APS has filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission requesting approval of rates, charges, and schedules that would result in an annual increase in net revenue of $184 million.

Public Hearing

The scheduled hearing is set for July 17th, 2020 at 10 am you can attend if you are a resident of Arizona and a customer of Arizona Public Service (APS) The hearing is located at 1200 West Washington Street, Phoenix Arizona.

Rate Increase

Arizona Public Service proposed residential rates to expected to result in approximately 95.5% of customers experiencing a monthly bill increase of 7% and approximately 0.13% of customers experiencing a monthly bill increase of between 8% and 11%.

Customer’s Feature Bill

That means all the customers who are already paying a high electric bill, are about to pay even more on extra fees set by Arizona Public Service. For instance, my usage rate bill was around $60 in the winter and $80 for the summer, the actual charges that APS is charging me is $150 a month for the winter, that’s for my $60 of actual usage plus extra fees the company is charging to have service.

Now for the summer, my actual usage is $80, but get billed $223 for all the increased fees APS is charging me to have their service. Now with the increase, they are requesting I will be seeing a higher bill for extra fees to have electric with Arizona Public Service.

What We Need To Do As A Community

We need to get more people to go to the hearing, to request this increase to be denied. It’s at the point that every year the company has requested a rate increase and the bills are getting to be the same amount as one could rent a 3 bedroom house in California.

If you are interested in more information on APS and how their billing works, you can visit my APS review.

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