Avcoo Dual Channel Muscle Stimulator

Avcoo dual channel muscle stimulator is a machine that will help with back pain as well as anywhere you have pain in the muscles. Having some aches and pains in your lower body? You will want to pick up a great muscle massager to sooth al your aches and pains in the muscles. Yes you can buy a massager gun, but for a lot more money, with a massage stimulator you can get the same effect for a lot cheaper.

Massager Features:

Powerful Pain Relief Tens Massager — AVCOO muscle stimulator machine provides 20 preprogrammed massage modes to help reduce the pain and muscle spasms caused by conditions like: low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, period pain, knee pain, arthritis and sports injuries ect. Use AVCOO Tens unit every day and keep the pain away!

A/B Independent Dual Channel — Due to the unevenly distributed skin sensory receptors, sometimes you may feel it is too weak on your back while too high on your shoulder when you use the tens machine on different body areas. The fully isolated AVCOO independent tens units channels enable you to run separate programs and intensities in different channels.

Avcoo Dual Channel Muscle Stimulato

Industry Leading Electrode Pads — The industry leading tens unit replacement pads have excellent self-adhesive performance, which is reusable for up to 100 times. The 4-layer design ensures for stable current and the well-formed edge ensures for safe use, no electricity leakage and accidental electrocution.

Extra-value Accessories — 3 different sizes of electrode pads (12pcs) are provided to choose from for using on different parts of your body like shoulder, low back, neck, ankle, wrist, etc., and the 2mm connector is compatible for most muscle stimulator for pain relief in the market which makes it easy to find the replacement pads. The storage bag, cable tie and the belt clip ensure an easy and quick accessories management and the on-the-go use.

Avcoo Dual Channel Muscle Stimulato

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