CBS Series Documentaries UK v1.4 Mod

‘CBS Catch Up Channels UK’ is a free streaming service where viewers can indulge in their favourite content from across our family of TV channels including CBS Reality, LEGEND, RealityXtra and HorrorXtra. Original and exclusive factual series, exciting boxsets, and movies.
All within a new user-friendly interface and functionality, providing entertainment everywhere (TV, Mobile and Desktop)

CBS Catch Up

CBS Reality

CBS Reality is home to expert-led true crime, bringing you original and exclusive series and documentaries investigating authentic criminal cases through first-hand interviews, archive footage and key evidence. Always factual, always true.


LEGEND where adventure awaits, is the channel for those who want to indulge in their favourite genre classics. From action to thriller, suspense to sci-fi series and movies.


RealityXtra goes the extra mile to deliver captivating stories featuring ordinary people in extraordinary situations. From hard-hitting legal dramas to gripping true crime factual series, it will keep you intrigued, moved, and entertained.


HorrorXtra goes the extra mile to bring horror fans the best movies and series, with a thrilling mix of suspenseful cinema, science fiction and futuristic fantasy.

Look out for CBS Catch Up Channels UK top/ defining titles including

Look out for CBS Catch Up Channels UK top/ defining titles including; Evidence of Evil, Murder by the Sea, Donal MacIntyre’s Released to Kill, Judge Judy, Star Trek, Farscape and Medical Detectives plus great movies from the LEGEND channel.

Mod details

  • Server-sided ad breaks are disabled
  • Analytics disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • Some permissions disabled
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews phone

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