CyberFlix TV APK v3.6.0 No Ads

CyberFlix TV has many sources and scrapes the internet to give you quality streams. It has the same interface as Terrarium TV. The library is big with all your most loved motion pictures and shows. The app also supports premium links by adding your Real-Debrid account.

CyberFlix TV APK

Cyberflix Tv Features

Simply sign in to your Real-Debrid account inside the application in Settings and you will get huge amounts of new superb streams.CyberFlix TV is a very good application give it a try.

CyberFlix TV on FireStick Installation Methods

I am will show two different ways to introduce CyberFlix TV on FireStick. You may pursue the one that suits you best. Both yield similar outcomes. Here are the two strategies:

Using Downloader app

Using the ES File Explorer app

To introduce CyberFlix TV or some other outsider application on FireStick, you first need to set up your gadget for it. Pursue the means underneath:

Download to an Amazon FireStick Device:

Downloader App:

1. Select Settings from the home screen of your FireStick gadget (this alternative is on the menu the best)

2. From the set of the following items in Settings, click Device

3. Open Developer Options

4. If the Apps from Unknown Sources item on the next screen is OFF, click it to turn it ON

5. When prompted, click Turn On.

Ignore any warning message as this application is safe to download.

There are two methods you can download this application,

1 – Using Downloader: From the Downloader main screen, click the URL field on the right

2 – When the following window pops up with the onscreen keyboard, enter 

Click GO

3 – Wait for the Downloader app to connect to the server and download the CyberFlix TV APK on FireStick.

4 – When the CyberFlix TV APK download is complete, the Downloader will instantly initiate the installation process. Click the Next button on the bottom right

5 – Scroll down to the bottom and click the Install button (which replaces the Next button)

6 – Wait for the CyberFlix TV to install on FireStick.

7 – When the App Installed confirmation is displayed on your FireStick screen, it means CyberFlix TV has been installed

8 – Go ahead and click Done. We will open the app later.

9 – You are now back on the Downloader app. Select the Delete button on the following prompt and click it.

You are deleting the CyberFlix TV APK on FireStick. It is not required any longer. It is best to clear up space by removing unnecessary files.

10 – Click Delete again when asked

Now you have successfully installed CyberFlix TV on FireStick using the Downloader app on your firestick.

ES File Explorer:

1 – Search for ES file explorer in the search icon in the home section, follow the onscreen instructions and install the app.

2 – Launch ES File Explorer

3 – On the right, you will see a bunch of icons. Scroll down and click Downloader

4 – On the following screen, click +New on the bottom

5 – A small box will pop up. Enter this URL in the box. Name it whatever you want to call this app.

6 – Click Download Now when you are all set

7 – Wait for ES File Explorer to download CyberFlix

8 – Click Open file when asked.

9 – Click Install

10 – On the next window, you will want to scroll down and click on the install button.

11 – Wait for the CyberFlix TV to install

12 – When the app has been installed, Click Done and now go back to the ES File Explorer app.

You have now installed the CyberFlix Android Application on your firestick.


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