EL Mubashir v6.6.8 IPTV APK Download

EL Mubashir IPTV APK v6.5.0 Are you looking for another Free IPTV Service Look no further, here is a brand new Android application that allows you to watch free live tv from your Android device. This IPTV application has tons of channels from different countries. You have your USA, UK, China, Arabic, and much more.

The best part of this IPTV service is that it is for free and it’s a one-click play. You will need to download MX player to view channels.

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What this Application Offers Its Users

When you first open up the app, you will see a few sections from favorites, local media, packages, and tools. You need to click on the packages to get to the live tv section after you click on the package section, you go to another section that will have five different packages of live tv to choose from.

EL Mubashir IPTV APK 

Aio Stream is the first package that will have your country channel listings. In this section, you can choose your county’s live tv channels from the USA, UK, and many more.

In this section, I reviewed the USA channels including the spike and Hallmark channels. These channels loaded fast with HD quality and no buffering at all.


The next section I tested was the UK channels, they too had HD quality content and no buffering. This section had quite a few channels to choose from, including your sports and movie section. I also tried the children’s section, which did have quite a lot of channels including Disney Channel, Disney Jr, baby tv, and many more as you can see the channel line up.


I would have to say this free IPTV service apk is a really nice one, you get lots of channels from all over the world. Hopefully, with an update, the developer will add more movies to this apk as it only has one movie at the moment.

Website for live tv Elmubashir Apk

Feel free to check out their website HERE but to be fair there is not much going on maybe it is going to get worked on in the future.

Password for the app

The password to use for some sections of the app is apeeegosoft input this password where it may be required to view some sections of the application.

elMubashir V6.6.8 original


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