Awdakye Emergency Weather Radio

Awdakye Emergency Weather Radio with Bluetooth Speaker is a great speaker to have in emergency situations. When you are out camping and need to charge your phone, tablet e.t.c.

Emergency Weather Radio

This bluetooth speaker will help charge you’r devices as well allow you to listen to the radio and use a flashlight in the dark. IPX5 waterproof, every function of the AWDAKYE weather radio can be worked properly even in a rainstorm.

About Emergency Weather Radio

Emergency Weather Radio – NOAA alert radio has standard analog tuning of AM/FM/WB/7 preset NOAA weather channels. Designed to receive emergency warnings for various life-threatening weather events such as cyclones, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other weather disasters. AM/FM radio is also suitable for daily news broadcasts reception.

Awdakye Emergency Weather Radio

3 Power Sources as A Emergency Kit – 5000 mAh built-in rechargeable battery for daily use. Emergency hand-cranked charging and solar panels both provide with sustainable renewable power, ensuring that NOAA weather radio, lights, SOS is available when you need it most.

Waterproof Emergency Flashlight & Reading Lamp – Portable radio with a 5W flashlight that eliminates danger in the dark for any emergency, and 3W reading lamp is perfect for camping. With IPX5 waterproof certification , the hand crank radio can be safely used even in storms.

Solar Charging: Make sure the “Reading Lamp” & “ Flashlight” is turned off when using the solar panel to charge (the solar panel is not required to stand up when charge).

SOS: Please do not turn on “SOS” unless it is an emergency, it do very noisy.

Flashlight & Reading Lamp: 5W flashlight that eliminates danger in the dark for any emergency. 3W reading lamp is perfect for camping.

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