Frisby FS-2114U is a USB powered speaker system

Frisby FS-2114U is a USB powered speaker system that redefines your listening experience. It provides smooth and accurate sound for any computer with powerful 10 Watt rated RMS Power.
It receives power directly from your computer or laptop’s USB port so the Speaker System does not require a wall power outlet.

Magnetically Shielded

This speaker system is magnetically shielded and provides great protection against sound distortion that you might receive from a screen nearby. The USB powered speaker system is compatible with all type of PC models, or laptops so this will work even on tablets that can be powered via USB. You can simply plug and play and because of this, we don’t need to install any drivers. This system is complete and comes with all necessary cables, and accessories to hook your speaker system up to your computer, or laptop.


  • Stylish design 2CH Audio System perfect match with PC & Notebooks
  • Volume controller provides easy access to speaker volume
  • Ideal for desks with limited space
  • Small size /powerful, rich and clear sound /USB powered & 3.5 mm jack
  • Compatible with all PCs and Laptops with any Windows operating systems


  •  Height 14.5 Centimeters
  •  Width 9 Centimeters
  •  Weight 680 g
  • Product Dimensions 6.9 x 9 x 14.5 cm
  • Model number FS-2114U
  • Wattage 10 Watts

This speaker system does not require a wall power outlet, because it receives directly from your computer or laptops USB port. 15′


I’ve had these speakers for some time now and they look nice. For the size and price of them, we really cannot expect too much from them. These will be more suited for a smaller kids room because the sound can become lost within a wider space. For the size, it will be a good replacement for those poor sounding laptops and tablets. These are not going to shake the room but the speakers will offer some improvement from built-in device speakers.


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