HollyLand Lark 150 Clip-on Wireless Microphone System

Hollyland Wireless Microphone System that is great for doing your YouTube videos, or even vlogging. I have tried many microphones in my career, and I can say there are just a few of them that I really like and that sound super good. I would have to say this one takes the cake when it comes to sound quality. The sound is crisp and clear, and easy to take with you if you are on the go and need a microphone.

Wireless Microphone

Hollyland Wireless Microphone System

Multi -Functional Charging Case: The charging case can store, pair and charge, upgrade the kits. Simply put transmitters and receiver into the case, they are automatically paired and automatically start to charge. The case can charge the whole kits up to 2.5 times when fully charged. The whole system can be used up to 18 hours for recording one sound source. The case is small and portable. So the kits are ready to use anytime anywhere.

2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver: Hollyland Lark150 wireless mic includes 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. It can record two sound sources simultaneously. Used as lavalier mic/headphone mic/omnidirectional condenser mic/supply for braodcast level, can easily install on DSLR digital camera(Canon,Sony etc) or other mobile equipment on stands. Excellent signals, equipped with 3.5mm headphone real-time monitoring interface, you can test whether it works properly during voice recording.

Small, Light and Compact: The coin-sized mic weights only 20.5g, equivalent to the weight of a walnut. It can be easily clipped to collar/lapel of shirt and hardly to be felt the weight. It has lavalier microphone and wind-muff included. No need spend extra money to buy these accessories.

Stable Transmission and Professional Sound Quality: It supports stable transmission up to 100m. And you can still get perfect voice when the talents turn back. The voice picked are broadcast-grade. Lark150 wireless mic has Audio Pops Preventive Design. The solution of safety track records in dual-channel, allowing post-processing to eliminate pops on microphones. It is widely used for short video shooting studio indoors and v-loggings and supports real-time monitoring.

Wide Compatibility and Using Scenario: It’s compatible with your audio recorder, camera, camcorder, iPhone/iPad/Android smartphone, DSLR cameras(Sony, Canon, etc.), laptops, computer, etc. It’s suitable to be used in voice recording scenario like Youtube , commercials, v-logging, interviews, podcast, filming, church shootings and live streaming. Lark 150 wireless microphone system includes One Year Warranty. We offer professional service directly from the manufacturer.

Advantages of Hollyland Lark 150

Hollyland Lark150 is a compact 2.4GHZ dual channel wireless lavalier microphone system.  It comes with a super convenient portable charging case . When put out, they are automatically turned on. When put in, They are automatically turned off and start charging if charging is needed. Ready to use anytime , anywhere. Its Intelligent Noise Cancellation can filter low-frequency environmental noise, making the sound pure and more relevant.

Hollyland Wireless Microphone System

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