Homeika Dog Vacuum Grooming Kit

Homeika is a great dog grooming kit that can also be used on your feline friend, this grooming kit has all the tools needed to clean your furry friend up. If you are like me and have a furry friend that sheds like crazy, you will want to pick up one of these for yourself.

Having two huskies at home and all their hair that fly around in my home is really crazy, I was looking for a cleaner way to de-shedd my dogs without all the mess in my home. I came across this Homeika pet grooming kit that would help me keep a handle of my huskies hair from shedding all over my home.

Homeika Dog Grooming Kit


Homeika H017’s all-in-one pet grooming tool kit is user-friendly and a timer saver. It provides 8 different grooming tools usages and 6 different-size guide combs for multiple scenarios. The dog clipper vacuum can suction 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in. Keep your home and furniture from messy pet hair.

The vacuum comes with 8 proven tools: a grooming brush and de-shedding brush that help to promote sleek and healthier hair; an electric hair clipper with 6 guard combs to do the haircut; a paw trimmer helps delicate areas; a nail grinder to polish nails. A nozzle head and cleaning brush can be used for collecting hair on the sofa, gap, carpet, and floor.

Homeika Dog Grooming Kit

The adjustable electric clipper with 6 guidance combs provided(3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/18mm/23mm) is applicable for shaving pet hair of different lengths. The upgrade stainless steel blade is safe enough for you to style your pet’s hair at home.

Detachable blades and guide combs are easy to change and clean. Homeika pet grooming kit with a super quiet vacuum function can collect 99% of pet fur while trimming, grooming, and de-shedding. Keep your home and furniture away from messy pet hair.

The professional dog grooming tools are equipped with a 1.5L dust cup. The 30% larger capacity lets you clean the dust cup less often while trimming for greater efficiency. Empty the dust cup without hand touch. A storage bag is included for easy storage. Simple operation makes every de-shedding more enjoyable.

Homeika Dog Grooming Kit


After using this pet groomer on both of my huskies, I would deferentially say that this grooming kit is well worth it, my puppies now look really nice and clean, not to mention all the hair mess is now gone. I am happy with my purchase and look forward to vacuuming my pups soon. No need to take my furbabies to the groomer that often when I can get the same results at home for a lot less.

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