Hopidogie Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

Here is a great pair of dog grooming clippers, that does a really good job clipping your fur friend’s hair. The clippers are great on those pups that have long thick hair that needs grooming.  The dog hair clipper can be with cord or cordless which is super convenient for cutting. Universal charging – One full charge gives you up to 90 mins of use.


Grooming clippers

Compared with other 24-tooth cutter heads, this dog clippers for grooming thick coats with 33 fine-teeth cuts more uniform and smoother. Hopidogie takes creating a harmonious life for people and pets as its mission, practices customer-centricity, relies on product quality, and always strives to improve the happy life of pet parents and pets.

Clipper Features

With adjustable blade length (0.8-1.1-1.4-1.7-2mm), plus 8 guide combs (3-25mm), the pet hair trimmer can meet your needs for various lengths of hair trimming. The dog clippers for grooming thick coats are designed with UPGRADE 5-Speed gears (4500-5000-5500-6000-6500rpm)for the performance that pros demand.

You can choose a different setting according to the trimmed parts and the softness of the hair (Tips: Bathing and grooming the pet before trimming)

Grooming clippers

The dog clippers for grooming adopt low vibration and low noise (<50DB)design. The precision motor ensures whisper-quiet operation and a stress-free grooming experience. Use dog clippers professional to help your pet not be afraid to cut hair anymore

You can save money and time with these cordless dog clippers for grooming go with everything you need, can be used cordless (use for 90mints), and also be used when charging so you don’t have to worry that it will stop working and have a half groomed dog. Dog clippers professional save your money and time on pet grooming. Model Number GD104AD

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