Hot Air Popcorn Machine

Mini Hot Air Popcorn Machine: Do you love eating popcorn when watching movies on movie night? This is your answer, this popcorn machine is the perfect machine for those movie nights. This Hot Air Popcorn Machine will make up to 12 cups of popcorn without the need for oil. All you need is this machine, popcorn seeds, butter and something to put the popcorn in and you are ready to eat popcorn while watching movies.


Perfect size: small body, Large production volume. Popcorn will spit out automatically, everything will be completed in a few minutes. Up to 98% popping rate, makes 12 cups of delicious oil-free popcorn(about 8. 5oz/250ml) – enjoy the scent of freshly popped movie theater popcorn from the Comfort of your own couch!

Fast & healthy: completely your decision of the ingredient, unique wind channel ensures constant hot air to produce healthy and tasty popcorn, oil-free! Also, create your own flavor!

Single switch operation: easier to operate and safe enough designed, even children can use it, add a single Spoon of kernels (about 2. 82oz/80g) into the main chamber using the provide Measurement Spoon, turn on the unit and wait for about 3 minutes and you are ready to go!

Considerate design: Quiet operation, An aluminum turbine chamber heats evenly and the air is used to eject popcorn when ready, only low noise levels produced. Removable lid and measuring cup for easy clean. Seasonings are added from the top for easy cleaning. No need to clean the greasy inner wall of the microwave oven anymore!

The fun of DIY: children’s favorite, classic retro style, Let children enjoy hand-made fun. Through the transparent lid, feel popcorn magic! This is the best choice for a family movie night!

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