Innza Laser IPL Professional Hair Removal

Here is a great professional hair removal tool to help remove all those stubborn hairs all over your body. You can use this IPL machine all over your body, including your face and armpits. I have used everything in the beauty industry to remove my stubborn hair, not work better than laser light. With wasting, you do get a long time before you need to redo it again, shaving requires shaving every day.

With the light laser ipl machine, the more you use it, the lighter the hair gets and eventually never comes back. It states you can see results as soon as one week of usage. After using all the other products I had mentioned, I prefer using this machine to remove my pesky hair, it’s super easy and pain-free to use.

Innza Laser IPL

About The Laser Removal

The laser hair removal for women with ice-cool care features can cool the skin while emitting pulsed light. Skin temperature as low as 8℃ soothes the burning sensation and won’t cause skin redness. Making the hair removal treatments painless and Skin-Friendly.

The laser hair removal device has upgraded 9 energy levels that will adapt to different skin areas and different hair growth speeds, giving you more precise treatment. Auto and manual modes are suitable for the different body areas. The latest touchscreen hair removal device is easy to operate.

Innza Laser IPL

The IPL hair removal device uses Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to reduce unwanted hair growth. The pursed light with high energy and 600nm wavelength can arrive at the hair follicle to break the cycle of hair growth, and kill the hair follicle more efficiently and safely. Within 12 weeks, you’ll see up to 97% less hair.

IPL hair removal device is with 999,999 flashes, twice longer usage than 500,000 flashes devices on the market. You can share it with your whole family and friends. The product’s net weight is only 300g. Easy to carry and store. It is the smallest hair removal device on the market.

Innza Laser IPL


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