Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

The Intex surface wall mount skimmer is a great accessories to have for your swimming pool, it helps keep your swimming pool super clean and clear from all bugs and debirs that fall and float around in your pool. Are you tired of cleaning all the bugs out of your pool? I was so doe always cleaning my pool out with the hand skimmer, to find more just a few hours later.

Tired of swimming in dead bugs in my swimming pool, I decided to purchase this surface pool skimmer. I am so happy that I did purchase this skimmer, now I can enjoy a clean bug proof pool. This skimmer is a life savor, I can now just swimming letting this skimmer clean up all the bugs from my pool. This skimmer goes great with my new Intex 24 x 52 inch swimming and my Intex Krystal Clear  16 inch san filter.

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

By attaching this surface skimmer directly to your filtration system, the Deluxe Surface Skimmer quickly and easily stops leaves and debris before they can get to the bottom of the pool. This Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer works in conjunction with your filter pump for easy, automatic surface skimming and requires an Intex filter pump with a minimum 800 gph flow rate.

Keep your pool clear of leaves & debris all summer long with the Index deluxe wall Mount surface Skimmer routes surface water through the strainer basket on its way to the filter pump, automatically catching leaves & other debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool!

Intex kyrstal clear wall mounted surface skimmer. Attaches to the filter pump for automatic skimming. Easily mounts to easy set or metal frame pools. Helps catch leaves and other debris. Durable polypropylene plastic not affected by pool chemicals. Strainer basket pulls out for easy cleaning.

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

The skimmer is super easy to install on to your pool, it works with the utra side pool frames as well as the soft sided pool frames with the included attachments. This surface vacuum cleaner ensures a crystal clear water surface. The Classic hang-on skimmer is suitable for all Intex pools.

Leaves, insects and other dirt on the surface are collected by the skimmer. The hose connection is 40mm and fits exactly onto the supplied hose connection. 

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