Is Showbox Shutdown? or is it renewed with new management?!!!

Is Showbox Shutdown: Showbox is a great streaming app that offers you tons of movies and TV shows to watch from your Android device.ShowBox features excellent functionality such as auto fetch of the latest movie information and a huge collection of old movies. Each movie is categorized with its official ratings (IMDB, RottenTomatoes, TMDB), official trailers and premiers, and cast profiles.

ShowBox Is it Legal

After using it over the past few years, it has now come to light that this app is no longer safe to use. Rumors state that the government agency has acquired this streaming application and now tracks your IP information and sends out notices to users that they will be fined for using this illegal application.

Suit on ShowBox

On TorrentFreak, the popular streaming application Showbox hit turbulent times recently. In May of this year, it was revealed that a group of independent movie studios was targeting sites and individuals said to be behind Showbox. In one case, they obtained a subpoena ordering Cloudflare to reveal the identities of the operators behind Showbox software. The rumors continue to arise over the internet, some are true and others are just a scare tactic. There are many clones that offer the same content without the tracking of your ISP. Right now, I would have to say you have nothing to worry about regarding this application. If you are worried about being tracked, I suggest using a VPN whenever you stream content from Showbox.

How to Protect Your Identity:

If you are worried about your ISP being tracked, I suggest using a reliable VPN. There are many free VPN APKs around if you do not want to go paid. If you are looking for a great paid VPN that offers you complete anonymity, then you will want to purchase a service with this company Purchase a trusted VPN Service

This company offers plans monthly, bi-monthly, and even yearly With all the rumors around Showbox, I would say I have not heard of anyone going to court or being put in jail for streaming the content in Showbox. Showbox is available for all Android users, as well as Windows and Bluestacks. If you are interested in downloading this application via Android, you can download it HERE

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