JetBox Movie and TV shows Android APK

JetBox Movie

JetBox Movie and TV shows Android APK

JetBOX Movie is an on-demand entertainment APK that I stumbled upon. I would have to say I was impressed. JetBox Movie Android APK is lightweight, fast and stable. It has a great media library with lots of movies and tv shows. In other words, this APK has just about everything you could search for. Jet Box is completely free to download on your Android devices.

This app searches all sorts of video links including Full HD, HD, HQ, SD e.t.c. It gets you links from so many really good sources. One can install this app on Android devices like Android mobiles and Tablets very easily. This app is remote-friendly and works on all Android Boxes and FireStick as well. Many have already started saying that it might replace the late Terrarium TV and Kodi in the future.

Features of JetBox Movie 

  • High Stability
  • Unique UI Interface
  • Almost All Genres
  • A large number of Content Sources
  • Easy to Use

So if you have not checked this app out yet then what are you waiting for?, It is a fantastic app and works great on firestick devices too. I’ve also checked this out on the Nvidia shield and it works fast

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Original Link:  by hifi 2007 reviews


  • nothing touched
  • ads removed
  • Forced update should hopefully be disabled
  • works on firesticks might need mouse toggle


MOD Lite

  • lots of useless services removed
  • arm and x86 support
  • Changed name of apk to JET BOX LITE
  • package name changed(meaning you can install both mods if you wish)
  • might not work on firesticks
  • Forced update should hopefully be disabled


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