Marchpower Foldable Table Floor Standing Fan

The Marchpower fan is a pedestal foldable table standing floor fan that is portable and super lightweight, this fan is not noisy and will cool you off on those warm summer days/nights. The standing fan can be used not only indoors but also outdoors throughout the year because the fan is equipped with a 7200mAh rechargeable battery, it can be used wirelessly for 5-28 hours after fully charged (the available time depends on the wind speed).

Marchpower Foldable Table Floor Standing Fan

The recharger floor fan can be used while charging. Come with a storage bag makes it suitable for outdoor activities such as travel, camping, picnics, and fishing. Super Quiet 5 wind levels speed adjustable design: The Marchpower foldable fan comes equipped with silencing technology which makes pedestal fans a great option for nighttime as well, 13-25dB allows you to enjoy a peaceful sleeping.

There are 5 gears with 5 levels of wind speed mode for choice, set the speed according to the temperature around you. The standing floor fan complements the existing air con system creating a comfortable environment in your home with a pleasant “wind chill effect” Air circulating cooling fan: The Marchpower table fans belong to the circulating fans category. As we read on the U.S. Department of Energy website, circulating fans include pedestal fans, table fans, floor fans, and fans mounted to walls.

They complement the existing air-con system and natural ventilation and create a comfortable environment in your home with a pleasant “wind chill effect”. Foldable Standing Fan: folding & telescopic design fan, 10″ in diameter, 9″x9″x5.6″ folded size, 16″~36″ adjustable height, could be used as a foldable desk fan, height floor fan and USB table fan, perfect for home, kitchen, office, camping, and travel use.

Marchpower Foldable Table Fan

10″ USB Ultra-Powerful Cooling & 90°Oscillating Fan: A foldaway fan with a 10-inch size adopts a strong wind vortex design, a strong wind can reach 16.5 feet, and a 90° wide angle allows you can get cool over a large area. The summer fan with an oscillator function can be a convenient way to keep yourself cool, without getting a chill.

Since the stream of air will not constantly be on your skin, your body will hold on to a reasonable amount of heat, keeping you at an optimal temperature. Remote Control & Timing Off Wireless Pedestal Fan: Remote control allows you to control the foldable fan without leaving the couch/bed. Within 4.5 meters you can control your floor fan anywhere. There is a timing function, you can choose 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours, and it will automatically turn off when the time comes.

Lower the fan to its minimum height when you need frigid temperatures as cold air settles typically near the floor. Compact Portable Design Multifunctional Fan: The compact fan with a unique foldaway & telescopic design, the height of the foldable floor fan can be fully adjusted from 5” to 36”, it can be used as a table fan, floor fan or pedestal fan.

Marchpower Foldable Table Fan

Thanks to the folding abilities it’s convenient to store and save space. Perfect for shops, offices, restaurants, and sometimes, even small spaces inside homes.

Marchpower Foldaway Oscillating Fan with Remote Control

If you are trying to keep cool this summer like most people, why not do it in style? The Marchpower foldaway fans also feature a great variety of finishes so that they can add some decor value to your home. How to choose the right standing fan for yourself?

SIZE: Choose according to the space available and airflow needed, Marchpower 10″ oscillating fan is a good ideal size option for a table fan.

AIR FLOW ROTATION: Choose a fan with a wide rotation angle, so you can get cooling over a large area. Marchpwoer oscillating fan with 90° oscillating function, coverage up to 269 square feet.

Marchpower Foldable Table Fan

SPEED CONTROL: Speed controls on a floor fan are a must, so you can set the speed according to the temperature around you. Marchpower foldaway fan with 5-speed control

REMOTE CONTROL: Remote control allows you to control the fan without leaving the couch/bed.

SOUND: Having a noisy pedestal fan is a surefire way to disturb the peacefulness of your home. Marchpower oscillating fan with 5 plastic blades moves air softly, creating calming, soothing white noise perfect for sleeping.

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