Monthly Pill Organizer With Smartphone App

Here is a monthly medication pill organizer to keep track of your daily medications and vitamins. This monthly organizer allows you to place your medication in the cases for your daily and nightly medication for up to a month supply.

Monthly Pill Organizer

There are others that only allow you to only place up to a week of medications in the organizer, not this one. This is a cute and nice organizer, you don’t have to worry about the little containers falling out of the organizer, as its a tight fit and sure not to fall out.


Sort Pills for a Month. Compared to other 28 day pill organizer, it comes with 32 individual compartments which can be labeled by day or by week according to your habits with the included day stickers or 4 week stickers. It allows you to set your daily pills for a month, freeing you from organizing pills manually day by day or week by week, which saves you a lot of time.

Zikee Pill Organizer

Large Capacity. Each single box has two large compartments (1.22*0.98*0.94 inches), so there’s enough space for your pills, no worries about cramming in many medications at once, which is really suitable for the one who needs to take multiple medication regularly.

Removable Daily Pill Case. Each pill dispenser can be removed from the set easily and you can fill your pills at once as the lid will stay open when you are filling medicine. With a snap lid, all your medications are stored safely and securely without any risk of spillage in your pocket.

Premium Quality. BPA-Free ABS & PP materials keep you safe. Colorful translucent design allows you to check whether you’ve taken your pills or not immediately without opening the monthly pill box and to check which day or week you’re on.

Zikee Pill Organizer

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AUVON Weekly Pill Organizer

Auvon Monthly Pill Organizer

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