Movie Box Red On Google Chromebook

Movie Box Red On Google Chromebook

Movie Box Red 

Movie Box Red: Here is a tutorial on how to install the great Terrarium Tv clone. Please listen to the instructions very carefully to ensure you install the APK the correct way.

The first step now is to put your google Chromebook into Developer mode to give access to download unknown sources. Doing this will wipe any data that is on the Chromebook, make sure to back anything up that you don’t have stored in the cloud.

Press and hold the Esc and Refresh keys together, then press the Power button (while still holding the other two keys). This will reboot your Chromebook into Recovery Mode.

As soon as you see Recovery Mode pop up—the screen with the yellow exclamation point—press Ctrl+D. This will bring up a prompt asking if you want to turn on Developer Mode.

Press Enter to continue, then give it some time. It will pop up with a new screen for a few moments, then reboot and go through the process of enabling Developer Mode. This may take a little while (about 10 minutes or so) and will wipe your local information.

When it’s done, it will return to the screen with the red exclamation point. Leave it until it reboots into Chrome OS.

Movie Box Red On Google Chromebook


How to disable developer mode:

Since developer mode is not verified by Google, you will need to turn it off before selling the device or returning it for warranty purposes. Here’s how to disable developer mode!

Reboot your Chromebook.

Press on the spacebar to re-enable verification when you see the “OS verification is off” screen. This will wipe the device and it will be secure again!

Purchase a trusted VPN Service:

Private Internet Access

Purchase Chromebook Online:



Play Store

The apk file can be seen in the play store HERE feel free to download this version and support the developer.Movie Play Red is back

Mod Details

Mod 1

  • nothing touched.
  • ads removed.

Mod 2

  • changed package name.
  • renamed to Movie Play Red (like it used to be named).
  • Movie Play Red icon added.
  • Reduced languages.
  • Lots of permissions removed.
  • A good amount of useless services removed.
  • arm and x86 support.
  • Reduced the apk size compared to the play store version.

Mod 1

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