MPETAPT Electric Mosquito Zapper

Powerful Electric Mosquito Zapper Fly Killer is a great device to have if you are tired of those pesky bugs, mosquitos, and flys. The bug zapper is waterproof, no need to worry if it gets wet in the rainy season because this zapper can handle it. This zapper has more power and current! Efficient and fast extermination, first with ultraviolet light to attract the bugs, then the grid directly exterminates the bugs and collects the board to capture them.

MPETAPT Electric Mosquito Zapper

The bug zapper is super easy to clean, remove insect debris, just pull out the collection tray of electric mosquito killer. As beautiful as a night light, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and bug killers, no longer need to wave your hand, and can be easily placed in your home, kitchen, or office as a decorative light fixture

Excellent waterproofing can be placed in the hallway, near insect-infested fruits, plants, garbage cans, or outside the window; the best effect is when the light is off.


MPETAPT brand is dedicated to providing a great experience to everyone! The company believes that their products can help you to enjoy a better life! Their bug zapper is not only a tool for mosquitoes but also a great helper that can make the family better enjoy the summer and enhance their relationship bug-free!

MPETAPT Electric Mosquito Zapper

Features :

  • Hangable and putable design style
  • Non-toxic and harmless physical mosquito trap
  • Imitate human body temperature to kill mosquitoes
  • Use high voltage electric shock to kill mosquitoes
  • Quiet and very power saving

Portable and Easy to Clean: There is a hanging design on the top of the mosquito killer, which can be hung at any height. The bottom chassis can be easily removed and cleaned with the buckle.

Safe for Pets and Kids: The distance between the protective net of the outer ring is very small, children and pets can only touch the surface and cannot reach in, so there is no need to worry about harm to children and pets.

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