PAUCAX Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator

Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator is a great way to clean your teeth without using those old flossers. This device will heap get deep down in your gums to clean all the food out, with no invasive effects to your teeth and guns. Brushing Teeth Is Not Enough, As we all know, The traditional way of cleaning teeth only clean the surface.

The water flosser is designed with foldable water tank, which greatly reduces the volume of the product compared with similar products. It is smaller than a smartphone when folded, and it can even be placed in a pocket. The small cordless water flosser will adapt to your lifestyle easily, whether you are at home, office, vacations or business trips.

Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator

It is difficult to completely clean the blind areas of the inside of the mouth. So you need to choose Our cordless dental oral irrigator, which can deeply clean the areas that traditional way hard to reach. With a 5 Multi-functional Replaceable Water Jet Tips, this Comes with 5 pcs different type water jet tip to meet your various needs.

Three Standard Jet Tips for cleaning deep between the teeth and below the gumline, 1 Periodontal Jet Tip for periodontal pockets, 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip can effectively remove the coating on the tongue and bring fresh breath. The water flosser is the easiest and most effective way to floss.

Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator

Up to 1400 times/minute high water pressure, strong enough to remove up to 99.9% of the trapped food residues that traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach. IPX7 waterproof design allows you to use it anywhere, even when you are taking a shower(the rubber lid should stay in the charging slot during the using.

Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, a single charge of 4 hours can be used continuously for 20-25 days. Adopt USB charging design, provide more 5V 1A charging options, such as computer, power bank or car charger (Charging Adapter is NOT included). It includes a travel case which is perfect to carry and travel.

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