Ragu 6 in 1 Thermal Laminator Review

Ragu Thermal Laminator Review will show you how nice this thermal laminator really is. The best part is that it comes with pouches to laminate your stiff like business cards, Pictures, posters e.t.c. This model comes with a coroner rounder to cut your cards into round shapes, a hole punch for your key rings.

Temperature display

The temperature display will allow you to see what the temperature of the machine is, you need the machine hot enough to laminate your project. The digital display makes it that much easier to see the temp.

Temperature display


Easy to Operate: Unique touch screen power button and intelligent led temperature display make it easy to operate this thermal laminator.

6 in 1 Lamination Set: This versatile 6 in 1 deluxe Lamination set includes a laminator, paper trimmer, corner rounder, single pouch, 3 rings, and 40 laminating pouches(10 A4&A5, 20 A6). With reasonable configuration, this lamination set is ideal for home, office, and school projects.

No Wrinkle, No Ruin: 1-2 Minute fast warm-up design with progress indicator light laminator; It can heat enough to fully seal all the way around without getting wrinkled and ruined.

No Noise: Thanks to its powerful motor, this machine laminates pouches with reduced noise. It offers quality lamination at high temperatures every time without bubbles and wrinkles.

Different Occasions: Support 9 inches inlet fits for multipurpose office & home laminating tasks, such as training materials, photos, menus, cards, bookmarks, tags, kids’ artworks, etc.

Thermal Laminator Technical Details


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