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Have you heard about an internet company based out of Pampa Texas? they also offer services in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona. Many other cities in those states are coming soon. When I moved to Texas, I moved outside the city limits so getting internet was a bit hard to find.

I came across this company for my internet needs, and all I can say is that I wish I had gone a different route for my provider. This company is the worst internet provider I have ever dealt with, they are so unprofessional, and the customer service is very rude when you call them and tell them about any complaints you may have towards the company and service.

Whenever you sign up with this company, they make you sign up for a year contract, so if you have to move or leave for any reason, you are forced to pay an early termination fee. I would advise you to look for another company, they are by far the worst company and will take money out of your account if you have ever paid your bill with a debit or credit card before without your permission.

This company will lie about sending you a final closing bill when you cancel your service with them, AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!! If you are looking for a great alternative, click on the link below.

Click Here

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