Amazon Market Place the worst platform for sellers?

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Amazon Market Place


Why is Amazon Market Place the worst platform for sellers?

If you want to become an individual seller on their platform, in the Amazon Market Place then it is the worst platform to sell on.

First off you need to take a look at the platform in general and see what Amazon has to offer its users. Before, people could just list their old items for some extra cash.

If it was an old mobile phone, some DVD's that you no longer need or a tablet that you would like to get some cash to upgrade to a newer model.

You need to think again and look for another platform because you will not be able to sell any of those things on Amazon without getting permission from the manufacturer and Amazon.

If you have an old iPhone 5, you will need to have an invoice of your purchase that will need to be within 180 days.

You must have your name, address, invoice number on the receipt before you can sell the phone.

Here are some of the requirements Amazon requires when trying to sell mobile phones, brand names, and DVDs;

  • Invoices must be dated within the last 180 days or reflect the delivery or purchase of products.
  • All documents must be valid and unexpired
  • All documents must be clear and legible. No information other than pricing may be redacted.
  • All documents must include your name and address, as listed within your selling account.
  • All documents must include the issuer’s name and contact information (e.g., phone number, address, e-mail, website, etc.).

Failure to provide any or all supporting documents will cause the application to list any of those items mention, being denied and will not allow being listed on their platform.

 Over a year ago, you were allowed to list anything on Amazon without restrictions.

This is gotten out of hand, why would I need permission from Samsung to sell my old phone or tablet.

If I purchase the device, it's mine to do what I want with it. This is another tactic for the manufactures to make more money off you. Amazon is the one who is more likely making the money off people like us.

You can see, if you pay a forty dollar fee, among other fees for having a seller store on their platform, then you can list these items.

All I can say is that Amazon is not like it used to be, I suggest listing your items on sites like eBay, Mercari, Etsy, eBidBonanza and eCrater.

I have also seen that Walmart has a seller section for people to sell their items, not sure if they have to be new or what. I will have to research on that information. Anything is better than the restrictions that Amazon has for its sellers.

Remember, there are many sites to choose from, don't settle for Amazon just because they are the top retail store. Like I have always heard, “The Bigger they are, the harder they will fall”

There will be another store that will be just like Amazon without all the restrictions when it comes to selling stuff.

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