Auvon Motion Sensor Night Light

The auvon motion sensor night light is a great night light to help light up your area giving you more light to cover more area. The night light is motion activated with a super bright light for more coverage. The best part of these night lights are they are motion sensor which they detect motion when using the auto mode. When the nightlight detects motion they will turn on, and when there is no motion, they turn off after 90 section after motion as stopped.

LED Super Bright Motion Sensor Night Light Review

Light Bulbs are super bright with up to 120 lumens and as low as 1 lumen, they are a great ideal if you would an area to have more coverage, with the brighter 120 lumens. I use mine for the hallways, as they tend to be the darkest place in my house beside the garage area.

This night light has three different modes, you have the auto which is the motion sensor, you have on that is like a normal night light that stays on, and you have the off mode to turn off your night light.

Motion Sensor Night Light


5 Levels Of Dimming: This night light can meet your different lighting needs in different places, 5 lumen levels from 0 to 120(0-30-60-90-120) provide you multiple choices so you can alway enjoy the most suitable and energy-saving lighting mode. 1-30lm can well protect your child away from “monster”, 30-60lm can well light your way to the washroom, 60-90lm can prevent your loved one from falling off from the stairs, 90-120lm can light your garage when you are heading out by car.

Motion Detector Included. In Auto Mode, if this motion activated night light detects a movement in the darkness, it switches on automatically and lightens your way for a total of 90 seconds after the last movement has been registered. Then it turns off again, making it possible to reduce unnecessary power consumption when you do not need them. According to our calculation, using this motion sensor light indoor can save up to 84% energy compared to those without motion sensors.

Motion Sensor Night Light

Ultra Bright. Compared with other bright night light (80lm to 100lm), The LED night light comes with lumens up to 120, which is quite suitable for dark places where more light is in need, such as hallway, bathroom, garage, kitchen, bedroom, stairs, basement and laundry .With the dimmable design, you can adjust the hallway light to your desired brightness simply by long-pressing or tapping on the top button for a wide range of lumens choices from 1lm to 120lm.

Safe For Indoor Use. The nightlights with light sensor are with superior V-0 fire resistant casing and over-current protection design to guarantee your safety.

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