Avcoo Pulse Muscle Massager Machine

Avcoo pulse massager machine, that is a dual channel muscle stimulator that will help with back pain as well as anywhere you have pain in the muscles. Having some aches and pains in your lower body? You will want to pick up a great muscle massager to sooth al your aches and pains in the muscles. Yes you can buy a massager gun, but for a lot more money, with a massage stimulator you can get the same effect for a lot cheaper.

Features of Muscle Stimulator

TENS + EMS Unit. AVCOO machine for muscles combines two therapies into one. TENS has been used by doctors and physical therapists for many years to provide a safe, non-invasive and non-toxic method to effectively relieve pain. EMS can massage and relax muscles, break down lactic acid, strengthen weak muscles and improve muscle tone.

Avcoo Muscle Massager Machine

4 Channels (A1, A2, B1, B2). Compared with the TENS unit muscle stimulator, AVCOO TENS units allows 4 channels to work while using 8 pads at the same time, which can help your muscle pain relief in multiple areas and improve the efficiency of pain relief. Independent A/B channels can work in different modes and different intensity levels.

24 Modes for Your Choice. Multiple modes of this tens unit provide you with deep tissue massage options with the highest intensity such as hammering, kneading, shiatsu, etc., relax your muscle in case of sprains, sports injury or nervous tension.

Avcoo Muscle Massager Machine

20 Hours Standby Time. Extra long standby time up to 20 hours and portable size make this unit easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere.

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