Crenova Hot Ceramic Air Brush Styler

Crenova Hot Ceramic Air Brush Styler


Hot Air Ceramic Brush: One-Step Hairdryer & Volumizer may be used for multi reasons including straightening, drying out, volumizing and glowing your own hair to an ideal stylish look. Ideal for all hair varieties.

This brush hair dryer comes with a 1000 Watt electricity, which provides the ideal heat to style your hair. Unlike any typical hair dryers, this volumizer could be placed nearer to the head for pick up and easy styling of the hair.

About The Styler:

There are 3 different Heat settings for Styling Versatility. Ion Technologies: Damaging ions saturate the airflow. The hot air styling hairbrush helps your problem of having frizzy hair, it smooths and produces shinier looking hair, while it minimizing frizz and static in the hair.

The styler is approximately 18″ long. It is possible to enjoy the beauty salon results in the home.

Brush Design:

The oval Brush Design and style: Unique Condition for smoothing the tresses, while round corners create amount. Mixed Bristles. Clean was created with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for quick detangling. As the shaft is approximately 2″, the bristle-tip to bristle-tip width can be 4″ at its widest portion.

Ergonomic cope with: you may get maximum ease and comfort useful during styling your own hair; Temperature handle, Maintains precise heat range with 3 heating settings which is a plus.

Hot Air Ceramic Brush

About the product

Easy-to-Use 2-in-1 Hair Styling Tool: The innovative Crenova Dry Hot Air Brush perfectly combines professional round brush with a powerful blow dryer. It helps you get a gorgeous salon-style blow-dry at home in 20 minutes with ease, saving your time and money.

Make Hair Bouncy & Voluminous: Use this volumizer to simply brush and dry your hair after washing, the nylon pin, premium bristle, and oval brush shape give a master-grade control, reducing frizz and improving volume.

This brush can be placed close to the scalp, creating an amazing lift without burning the scalp. The 

Straight to Curly:

Effortlessly Dry, Straighten & Curl: The ergonomic long handle & 3 heat settings deliver incredible styling flexibility. No matter you want to dry wet hair quickly, get sleek & smooth straight hair look or blow out beautiful curls, this styler will make them come true.

Hot Air Ceramic Brush


Get Rid of Static, Split Ends & Breakage: With tourmaline ionic technology and ceramic heating elements, the hairdryer brush heats up instantly and evenly. The negative ions lock in the moisture of your hair, preventing static, split ends and hair damage. It is ideal for all hair types.

Best For Hair Types:

Appropriate Size & Minimum Noise: After several experiments, we decided the most proper size of the hot air brush for both short and long haircuts. The vents’ design allows maximum airflow to speed up drying time. The dryer can produce natural big waves with acceptable noise.

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Hot Air Ceramic Brush

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