Google Nest Home Hub Max Review

Google Nest Hub Max


Google Nest Hub Max: Months after its reveal at the Google I/O 2019, the Nest Hub Max has finally arrived. The larger cousin of the lovely authentic hub, this one comes with a bigger display screen and a much better sound, however, the real killer function is Face Match. Here are some brief impressions on the Nest Hub Max ahead of our complete evaluation.

Google Nest Hub Max

Facial Recognition Features

Facial recognition is an effective generation that has a massive capacity for a way it may be beneficial to your life. Within hours of unboxing and putting in the Nest Hub Max, it became clear to me that the implementation of facial reputation with Google Assistant is a game-changer.

When the digital camera on the Nest Hub Max sees someone, it then matches that with one of the faces assigned to a connected Google account. You’ll assign as a minimum one face during the preliminary setup of the tool, and after that, a simple ride to the Google Home app via your partner, baby, or roommate will set them up with the equal proactive reminders and customized content at the Max.

Google Nest Max


It dawned on me simply how useful this maybe once I tested the Max, and the software right away identified me and showed a reminder I’d set on my cellphone earlier that day. I actually have an awful reminiscence at times, so reminders that pop up now not simply at a certain time or after I go to a certain region however that actively seem as I’m strolling via my domestic is a massive deal. And that’s now not even to say that this functionality will work no longer only for you, but your partner and/or kids who have this device.

Google assumes, rightly, that the majority will position this device in their kitchen. However, with this reminders function alone, I can see it is simply as beneficial having it in my dau room. With this simple addition, Google Assistant has to turn out to be clearly proactive and I actually love it.

Google Nest Max

My Thoughts

I’ve only had a couple of days to use the Nest Hub Max to date, however, it’s already inspired me throughout the board. Sound excellent is good, however now not as right because of the Google Home Max. The excellent evaluation I can make in the Google/Nest lineup is that it’s higher than the unique Google Home and also has plenty much less overpowering bass.

The display satisfactory is good too, but the size distinction compared to the everyday Nest Hub is a bit stunning when you see them side-by way of-aspect, no longer than that’s a horrific issue.

The bodily hardware additionally appears solid sufficient. I’m a piece irritated that Google didn’t replica the Home Max’s compact wall outlet, however, there’s little to complain approximately here. If you appreciated the Nest Hub’s hardware, you’ll just like the Nest Hub Max, too.

As mentioned, I will have a complete review of the New Google Nest Hub Max in the near future as I spend a little bit more time gaining knowledge of the ins and outs of this device and its capabilities and the Face Match integrated. Even after a few days of use, I can already say that I suppose the Nest Hub Max is worth its complete asking fee of $229. Face Match on its own makes it a great extra feature useful than another smart speaker or show devices on the market now.

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