How To Fix URL Resolver Kodi 17

Fix URL Resolver Kodi: If you are experiencing issues with your Kodi links, this means the resolvers need to be updated to the newest resolvers. In order to get the latest movie, tv-show and live tv links, you need to have the newest resolvers installed. Without the new resolvers, you will experience lags, no links and even buffering.

So now we know that this is the issue, now its time to fix this issue to  Fix URL Resolver Kodi to get your links up and running again. The first step is to go into “System” Then go to “Addons” then after you are in the addons section, go to the “System”  Now go to the section called “Dependencies” Now, scroll down until you see the title “URL Resolvers” Now scroll down to the “Update” Look for the one with the newest version, this could mean a different developer than the one I chose in the video.

You will need to wait for the new version to update the URL Resolvers. After the update is completed, you want to “Right-Click” on the URL Resolver, now click on the “Configure” Now scroll down to the “Reset Function Cache” After that has reseted, now click on the “Ok” and that is it, you now have the new version resolvers and all your links should work just like new.

Fix URL Resolver Kodi

Titan Kodi Addon Youtube Live Show

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