Samsung Q Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad: Wireless chargers are a convenient way to juice up your phone without having to plug it in, even if they’re slower than wired chargers. Here is a great wireless charging pad for your cellphone, if your phone supports wireless charging, then this will work on your phone.

Wireless Charging Pad for your Samsung smartphone. Wireless Charger, Qi Wireless Fast Charging Station Mat 10W for Galaxy S8, S7, S6, Edge, Note 5, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, Nexus, HTC, Nokia, LG G6.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Universal: This Qi Wireless Charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled mobile phones. You can use it with ac wall charger, desktop computer, laptop, power bank and etc. just drop & charge: You will no longer need any cords to plug in and out, just place the device on the pad and you are free to enjoy your wireless and limitless charging experience now!

Compatible with iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 5 8. ultra-slim and fast: LED indicators and ultra compact design build to ensure simple and convenient charging.

This 10W wireless charging mat charging your device in high efficiency. Safe: Equipped with a built-in intelligent system to prevent the devices from short circuit, overheating while preserving the battery life of the media devices, maximizing the charging efficiency.

Charge your Qi device without connecting to a port or a cable

Simply place your phone on the charging pad and wait for the charging notification to appear. Wall charger and cable included, Includes Wall Charger with Micro USB Cable. Requires included wall charger to operate as advertised. The use of improper power sources may result in damage to the charging pad.

Qi-certified for safety: Tested and certified by the Wireless Power Consortium. Compatible with all Qi-certified devices. Charging your device wirelessly may require the addition of a wireless charging cover. Come take a look at the video to see how it works.


Which devices are Qi-enabled?

All the devices that support wireless charging, like most of your Samsung and iPhone newest phones.

Do wireless chargers work on all phones?

The phones that support wireless charging will work with wireless charging

Is a wireless charger worth it?

Yes, if you're not looking for fast charging, and just want to set it down to charge overnight.

Does wireless charging ruin your battery?

No! it will not degrade your battery. Battery drains with the age of your phone.

Are cheap wireless chargers good?

Not really, but some may be so cheap that they will not charge your device according to the battery size. Just make sure it will support your the size of your battery.

Do wireless chargers stop charging when full?

No! They will continue to charge at a slower pace than when the phone is dead, again depends on the manufacturer.

How do you use a wireless charging pad?

Connect the charging pad to the power cable, plug it into the outlet and put your phone on the charging pad, now your phone will be charging wirelessly.

Will this charge the second-generation AirPods since it’s wireless charging?

It did not work with the AirPods wireless charging case. There was a red light that shows that the device is not charging.

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