T-Mobile Customer Support

T-Mobile Customer Support


T-Mobile Customer Support: Most of the time customer support is not all that great, especially around the holidays. I have been a long-time customer, over ten years of service from T-Mobile.

This year, I had a family member come down to the states due to a family death just before Thanksgiving. The family member needed a phone service because the one that had only works in Canada.

T-Mobile Plan

We turned to T-Mobile as I have had them for over ten years and I love their service and the plan prices. We had picked an unlimited package with totally unlimited talk, text and data up to 52gb prepaid package for just $50 plus taxes, it came to be $55 for the month of service.

Service Stability

The service was going great the whole month of use, it was now getting close to the end of the cycle and needing to renew the service for $55 when it came to hard times because of family members who passed away needed money for funeral service. Now having a very sick uncle who was hospitalized because there was water on the brain and having severe strokes.


This was the time that my mom needed her phone the most to keep in contact with other family members to see how her brother was doing in the hospital. This time my mom needed to contact T-Mobile to see if they had a better plan for less money as she was skimmed on money from the funeral service. She contacted a rep from T-Mobile named (Erle Rep ID #1872178)

T-Mobile Support

Erle from T-Mobile was talking to my mother about other plans and their prices when my mother had explained she just lost two family members in a car crash and now her brother was in the hospital fighting for his life and that she was skimmed for money due to the cost of the funeral service.

Best Help From T-Mobile

After Erle from T-Mobile heard what was going on with my mom and her not having the$55 for the unlimited plan, the rep told my mom he would take care of it for her, that she did not need to worry about anything. Erle, gave my mother the unlimited plan for nothing, stated that he was happy to help her out in this situation.

My Opinion

I thought that the rep (Erle) was very helpful and did everything in his power to help my mother in this situation. This is the reason why I have been with T-Mobile for over ten years now. I would like to thank Erle for all the help he gave to my mother, and as I have promised I am giving a shout out to you and to tell everyone how great customer support is with T-Mobile service.

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