T-Mobile Personal CellSpot

T-Mobile Personal CellSpot


T-Mobile Personal CellSpot: The 4G LTE CellSpot is a mini cell tower in your house or small workplace, which connects via your Internet. It creates a 3G/4G and 4G LTE signal to create higher indoor coverage, extra dependable voice calls, and consistent statistics speeds. Your cellphone or tool connects to the CellSpot over 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE, and your usage is billed for your account similar to your usage of the larger T-Mobile cell community.

About The Unit

You don't need any indoor sign at home at Wi-Fi. Only one Multiple mini-towers can be deployed in the same general area; but, deploying mini-towers in high T-Mobile site visitors place ought to lead to call setup failure while the tool is out of potential. In this situation, the gadgets will no longer intrude with each other, but they will now not work together. For instance, an energetic name will no longer handoff from one mini-tower to another. Therefore, more than one gadgets should now not be in close proximity or you will deal with coverage issues in big homes.


  • Postpaid customers are eligible.
  • Only one line can be associated with the mini tower at once.
  • Prepaid customers are not eligible.
  • A valid E911 address is required on the line for the service to work. This is for your safety, so emergency services can find your location.
  • Locations must be an area where T-Mobile offers service and has local E911.
  • Only one coverage device is allowed per coverage use address.
  • The address must have no existing CellSpot or signal booster.


Multiple CellSpots can be at different addresses in the same area. In this case, the devices will not interfere with one another, but they do not work together (such as not handing off calls between devices). Therefore, multiple devices should not be in close proximity or used alone to address coverage in large buildings.

Placing mini-towers in the high-traffic area could lead to call failure when the device is at maximum connections.

How To Install

Here is a short “how to install” video about T-Mobile‘s personal cell spot box. This box will boost up your cell signal for more bars. If you are getting poor reception on the T-Mobile network, you will want to order this personal cell spot box.

You can order your personal cell spot from:


This T-Mobile Personal CellSpot creates a 3G/4G UMTS and 4G LTE signal that will improve your indoor coverage, that will provide you with a more clear voice calls and consistent internet speeds, all while using it over the 4G LTE network. 

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