VOYOR Blackhead Remover review

VOYOR Blackhead Remover


VOYOR Blackhead Remover – This blackhead facial cleanser vacuum does a good job cleaning all your pores, blackheads and acne. Do you have acne and want to remove the pores from your face?

This is the machine you will want to pick up, to clean all your clogged pores. This works on all skin types.

After removing your makeup, you will want to choose your hole to clean your face, the bigger one is to cover larger places, where the smaller one works great around your nose area. the shiny one is to clean off the dead skin.


Can effectively remove the oil, impurities and dust particles in the large clogged pores, remove blackhead, grease, and acne.

This facial cleanser can also increase blood circulation & skin elasticity.

Exfoliate dead skin, tighten up loose skin, lessen wrinkle, shrink pores, smooth you're fine lines and make your skin more radiant


You can easily adjust the most appropriate suction levels for your different skin areas and know clearly which level it currently is and how much battery power left with the LCD screen indicator.

The low level on this cleanser can be used for all sensitive skin, Medium level for small blackhead and High Level for big blackhead or pores.


One large circular hole head for strong suction, 1 x Small circular hole head with gentle suction for sensitive skin area.

One oval hole head for enhanced nose blackhead removal, and one Microcrystalline head for dead skin exfoliation.


There is no need to worry about replacing the batteries, this blackhead remover has a built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery of 1200mah capacity.

With only 140-grams, the cleanser is lightweight, compact and portable design for your home or travel use.


1-year warranty with 30 days no question asked return policy, worry-free purchase from VOYOR.

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