Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Money Transfer


Western Union Money Transfer: Do you use western union to send money to bills or love ones? What I am about to say about this company, you might want to use a different company like MoneyGram after you finish reading this article

Western Union allows you to send money to loved ones and send money to your bills, usually, they offer same day service for a fee depending on how much money you send.

First Issue

I have experienced issues with Western Union twice, The first issue I experienced was when I was sending money to a loved one. The issue was they refused to send the money stating I was refused to send money, not giving me a reason why my transaction was denied.

Second Issue

The second time I did a Money Transfer was when I went to send money to one of my bills, I had talked to a representative over the phone about sending money.

I have given all the details to the representative from Western Union to where my money should go, including the code city and code state. The representative assured me that the money should be there in minutes that I did not need to worry because the money needed to be there before five pm, it was already eleven am.

I thanked the representative for all his help making sure the money reached the company before five pm. The representative stated he will be emailing me my receipt with my confirmation number.

Here is the issue

I have received an email with my Western Union confirmation to the money I sent to my car company Honda. When I opened the email, I looked over the receipt and noticed that my money was not sent to my Honda financial company, in fact the money got sent to a company called “HYUNDAI MOTOR FINANCE” in ZHYUNDAI IA.

After noticing this issue, I called Western Union back and spoken to a representative about my issue, I told them I needed that money to go to the correct financial department “Honda Financial” in California before five pm on September 10, 2019.

The representative said they needed to transfer my call to the bill pay department, while I was on hold, I got passed to about ten different representatives. Finally! I got sent to a supervisor about my issue, that representative name was Josh badge number 361.

Issues Continued

Josh with badge number 361 explained to me that my money was sent to Hyundai in Iowa. I told him that the money was supposed to have been sent to Honda financial in California, not to the company he mentioned.

Josh stated he was “sorry” for this issue and that they needed to request the money back from the company they sent it to, that it will take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to get a response. I told him this is unacceptable that my money needed to be at Honda Financial by five pm.

Again! he stated he was sorry but that is all he can do. I asked to talk to a higher supervisor about my issue, Josh put me on hold and five minutes later it hung up on me.

At this point I was upset that my money was gone and my payment was not made, I called the corporate office located in Denver Colorado. I had asked to speak to a representative regarding my issue, I got transferred to Caleb who took down my information regarding my Money Transfer.

Caleb assured me he was going to do everything in his power to make sure my money was recovered and sent to the correct receiver before five pm. I had told him since my money was not received instant, that they needed to refund the fee. I told Caleb to just add the $9.97 fee to the bill that I was sending, he said he would do that.

Now It Gets Frustrating 

I called back around four-thirty to make sure my issue was addressed, I got transferred to a representative and I asked if I could speak to Caleb, he was the one who was helping me with my money issue. I was sent to someone who can barely speak English.

Again! this representative told me that it would take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to get a response. I told that representative that that was not acceptable and I would like to speak to a supervisor. The representative said to hold the line that he will transfer my call, twenty minutes later, he hung up on me and it was now after 5:15 pm.


Now it is September 11, 2019, my money is still missing and nothing has been done about my missing money. I had to contact my bank to dispute the transaction and to get my money back (309.97)

Western Union was no help, I was on the phone with them all day yesterday trying to get y money back, but nothing was done. I filed a dispute with the Better Business Bureau regarding the service I received from them.


I suggest using a different company because if this happens to you, you can assure you will not get your money back and Western Union will not resolve this issue, they will just transfer your call until you get hung up on or if you hang up. I would suggest using MoneyGram, at least they will address the issue if any arises.

Should you have issues with Western Union, you can call the corporate office located in Denver Colorado

Western Union Corporate office Number: (720) 332-1000

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