RonAqua A #1 Terrible At Home Water Filter System

RonAqua At Home Water Filter System

RonAqua Water Filtration System is an at home water filter that can be found on eBay and Amazon to purchase. If you have been looking for a water filtration system to filter out all the chemicals and particles from your water, you might have stumbled across this website called RonAqua that is located in Brooklyn New York. Located at 2194 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234 and their phone number is (718) 517-8877

Water at home water filter system

I purchased their Dual Sediment and Activated Carbon Block Whole House Water System on eBay. When I purchased this product from their company on eBay, their eBay seller id is ezbuy_365

A week after I received this product, the unit stopped working as the plastic popped off from the bottom. Being that this product is supposed to be hard plastic, but is made of cheap material, I am guessing this product is made in China.


RonAqua Fraud Company

My Experience With The RonAqua Fraud Company

I purchased the at home water filter system from this company because my water here in Arizona is very hard and filtration systems are needed to have clean water. I received the item and connected it to my waterline to filter out my sediments. Nearly a week later I heard a pop and seen water everywhere coming from the filter system. The plastic had broken off and was no longer useful to me, and the cost for a replacement is what the whole system would cost.

Trying To Get Replacement From RonAqua Fraud Company

I contacted RonAqua Fraud Company for a replacement or total refund of my money. When I contacted this company telling them I have a defected filter system and showed them pictures of proof it has defects, they never responded to my email.

I had emailed the company several times with no response to my issue. Because I had no response from the company, it was now past the 30 days when I purchased the item. I had to file a claim with PayPal to get my money back.

Company Product Claims

Dual Sediment and Activated Carbon Block Whole House Water System is one of the most popular and best-selling items in their company. The company claims it removes chlorine, sediments, odors, and removed many other chemicals and contaminants.

I had not had the chance to see the full potential of this system as it is defected and the company will not stand behind its products. They rather leave it be and just ignore the issue than trying to fix the issue. Most companies that stand behind their product, would offer a resolution of maybe exchanging the defected device or issue a full refund.

Water at home water filter system

Couple Reviews on This Company

Google Reviewer going by the name Stan KlaBitter states “Dangerous product Zero recommendation, this company will sell you a product and gladly take your money, but will not honor warranty or returns of defective products. Purchased UV water sterilizer SKU: RA-UV-12W-SET. Purchased on 05.05.2020 arrived broken, replacement part sent.

08.13.2020 UV lamp fractured after 80 days. The lamp gets hot and condensation forms in the lamp housing, shorting out ballast. Requested refund under Pseudo 2 year warranty, refused to issue or replace the unit. Additionally, they( Ronaqua ) are promoting a water sterilizer without any documentation or certification of compliance. And most distressing is UV C at 245 nm will blind you or burn skin on limited exposure. Nowhere is this labeled or published. which means you can operate a lamp without any warning or safety circuits outside the reactor chamber. It needs to be removed from the market”

Another person going by Pyali C stated

“Never buy items from this store. Insisted me to pay return shipping on a damaged, unsafe UV water sterilizer filter. When I disagreed to pay, they stopped communicating and have to dispute to get the money back. Stay away from these shady business practices. I should have given a zero-star”

There are a lot of people who have given it a 5* review, but you can see they are fake reviews. I will not trust the 5* reviews, the company are paying a 5% off your order for leaving feedback on your order…Beware!!!

RonAqua Fraud Company

My Advice When Purchasing an at home water filter system From RonAqua Fraud Company

I would look at other companies for your water filtration needs, as this company sells cheap filter systems and will not stand behind their products. They say after 30 days, you are pretty much screwed with a system that no longer works, spend a bit more money with a known company just to make sure you are not wasting money or time on a filter system that will only break down after their 30-day warranty.

I am looking into filing a complaint against this company with the proper authorities for their products that are not certified or are safe for human consumption.

Options For a Better Water Filter System

If you are looking for the best filter for water, I would look into the Geekpure blue water filter system. The Geekpure water filter system is the best water filter for water because the material is made of a harder plastic that will not bust, unlike the Ronaqua systems.

Best Filter for Water

The geekpure filtration system would be the best filtration system to choose from because the material used is much durable and a lot stronger. When my RonAqua system did not work, I replaced it with the  Geekpure System.

GeekPure Best Filter for Water

As you can see from the picture, the material in this filter system is much better than the RonAqua. Another thing about this filter system is that the company will stand behind their products. Should you have any issues, the company will replace or refund if your system is defected.

There are many more choices for the best filter for water, you would need to do your research online, look at all the reviews, and the company’s return policy. If a company has been established for a long time, and that stand behind their products is the company you would want to go for.

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