ShowBox Movies Website Android app Review

ShowBox Movies Website is a new free movies website that has all your movies and tv shows to watch from any device that gets internet. ShowBoxMovies website lets you search for movies on their website, you have the choice to choose movies or tv shows in the menu.


Genre Section

ShowBoxMovies Menu has your Genre, Country, Movies, Tv Shows and the Top IMDB. When clicking on the + on the genre, you have the choice to choose the genre like Action, Animation Comedy, etc.

Country section

when clicking on the + button in the country, you will see the list of countries like USA, UK, China, Canada, Italy and many more to choose from.

Top IMDB Section

In the Top IMDB, section will give you the top rating movies from the website. There are many pages of content to choose from. If you are into Cosmos films, you are in luck because this section has discovery content amoung regular movies.

This section also has tv shows to choose from, a few of the tv shows I came across were RuPaul Drag Race, Making a Murderer, Wentworth, WormHole, Impractical Jokers and many more to choose from.

ShowBox Movies

My thoughts on ShowBox Movies

When going through this website, I feel the movies and tv shows played quickly with no issues, it offered a few different servers to choose from. The best part about the servers is they all just play.

I would definitely recommend this website if you are interested in watching movies and tv shows for free online.

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