Stream Live TV Review Premium IPTV Service

Stream Live Is a website that offers you over a few hundred live tv channels for free. This site was once in Kodi as an addon called iLive, for those who have used Kodi for a few years now, will know of this app. This was the first addon in Kodi who was the first one to offer free live tv service.

Back then, the developers made an addon that offered over 500 live tv channels for people to watch all for free, it used to be under the Sports Devil add-on under the live tv section.

Now! the developers have their own website that offers the same live tv channels, plus lots of HD channels. The channels you will get for free are channels like ABC, Lifetime, FX and many more. All the SD channels seem to be free when watching on the web browser.

All the HD channels you have to be a paid subscriber to watch those channels. If you wish to watch from a mobile device, you will need the Rocket Player.

You will need to purchase credits if you want to watch unlimited, that unlimited credit price is $19.99 a month. this is why using the web browser is the best choice, as it’s free to use.

Using the free web browser you can watch many channels for free, just remember to remove your ad blocker or it will not let you watch the live stream.

Not only do you get live tv channels, but they also have a movie section that has many selections to choose from. There is quite a large selection of many different movies to cure your movie cravings.

Stream Live Tv

Channel Listing:

  • Live Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Animation
  • General
  • News
  • Music
  • Family

Interested in getting this live tv channels to your computer device? you can get the full website and watch all the Premium IPTV that your heart desires.

If you are looking to go premium and paying for their service, I would strongly recommend not going paid, as the service is $20 a month and you only get around one hundred to two hundred channels from the USA only.

This is a great alternative to paid IPTV service if you want FREE, do not go paid, there are so many IPTV service that gives you lots more channels for a lot less in price.

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Rocket IPTV Player 


**If you are interested in Free Live Tv and Movies, make sure to click on the highlighted links above**

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