Movie HD apk
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Movie HD apk v5.1.3 MOD

Movie HD apk allows users to Watch and Download many Movies and TV Shows. It has thousands of content for everyone to enjoy the latest Movies and TV Shows. The app has been around for a long time now and Read Full Post

Nvidia Shield
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Nvidia Shield Mini Streaming Box

Nvidia Shield Mini 2018: Today I am reviewing the new mini version of the Nvidia Shield, Then I will compare the difference between the 2018 model and the 2015 model. The differences are very small, but definitely an upgrade. having Read Full Post

Nvidia Shield Android v8.0.2
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Nvidia Shield Android v9.0 Update

Nvidia Shield Android v9.0.1 has finally come and Nvidia Shield has pushed a new update to its Android box. There are many different updates to current Android apps. With this update, many bugs have been fixed to address any issues Read Full Post

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Plex Addon vs XBMC Kodi

Plex Addon Vs XBMC, what is the difference between the two media centers. Here I will review the differences between the two platforms that allow you to watch movies and tv shows all for free. If you know about Kodi, Read Full Post