The Fabulous 50’s Kodi Build

Kodi 18 lea build
The Fabulous 50's Kodi Build

The Fabulous 50’s Kodi Build


Today I stumbled across a new Kodi build that I thought it was a very nice build to have when running my Kodi 18. This build has really brought back the 50s year with all its content, from the backdrops to the menus.

I have installed this build on a couple Nvidia Shields and a Samsung Note 9. It runs flawless, every addon works and plays the movies fairly quickly.

This build offers the end user so much content to fulfill your streaming needs. You even have a live tv section, Sports and even a kids section.

Don’t delay, come install this build today. All you have to do is follow the directions below.


How to install this Kodi build:

To install the repo to your device, you will want to go to the settings, enable add-ons. After enabling add-ons, make your way to the settings, go to file manager and add source  Go ahead and give the source a name. Now go to add-ons settings, install from zip file.

After you have installed the file, wait for the repo to install on to your device. Once the repo installs, go to install from repository.

Scroll down to the EzzerMacs Wizard Repository, click on the program add-ons. Click on the EzzerMacs Wizard, install the wizard. After installing the wizard, open up the wizard from the same menu you installed it.

You will get a menu, click on the dismiss button, the next menu click on the continue button. The next menu will ask you to build the menu, click on the ignore button.

Scroll down to the Builds. Scroll down to the build The Fabulous 50’s v1.7.2. You will get a window asking you to install, click to install the build. After the build finishes installing, you want to force close Kodi. And that is it! you now have “The Fabulous 50’s” Kodi build installed.



50s Kodi Build
he Fabulous 50’s Build Kodi

The Fabulous 50's Kodi Build The Fabulous 50's Kodi Build The Fabulous 50's Kodi Build

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