Titanium Build For Kodi

Titanium Build For Kodi


Titanium Build for Kodi: Are you a Kodi user? if so and you want tons of great videos and tv show add-ons without adding them yourself.

Using a Kodi build will give you all the latest add-ons without having to input all the repos for the movie, tv shows, and live tv in all one place.

To install, follow these steps:

Open Settings from the Kodi home screen – it is the gear icon on the top, just under the Kodi logo on the left side

Now open ‘System Settings’

Select Add-ons on the left panel

Highlight Unknown Sources on the right and press the ‘Select’ button

You will see this warning message. Ignore it and press ‘Yes’ as Titanium Kodi build is safe to install. You are all set to install third-party add-ons. We will now learn to install Titanium Build on Kodi.

How to Install Titanium Build on Kodi

Open Settings by clicking the cog icon on the top of the Kodi home screen. Now, click File Manager from the list of the options.

Click ‘Add-source’ on the next screen

Click ‘<None>’ to type in the URL of the source from which you will install Supreme Builds

Type in http://repo.supremebuilds.com as shown in the image below. Type the URL carefully as it should be exactly as it is shown. Else, you will not be able to get Kodi Titanium build.

Now enter a name of the source whose URL you just added in the “Enter a name of this media source’ field. You may choose any name you wish to identify this source with.

Now, press the OK button to continue

Installing The build:

The next thing you need to do is go back to the Kodi home-screen and click ‘Add-ons’ option on the left

Click the Add-ons icon on the top left on the next screen

scroll down and click ‘Install from zip file’ option

Click ‘Supreme’ from the list or whatever you named the file

Click on the repository supremebuilds

Wait for the Add-on installed notification to appear on the top right of the Kodi window

Click ‘Install from repository’ and then select and click ‘Supreme Builds Repository’ from the list of the available repositories.

‘Program add-ons’ in the next window

‘Supreme Builds Wizard

Install button on the bottom right of the next screen to install Supreme Builds Wizard

When the installation is complete, you should see the notification on the top right of the window

Once Supreme Builds Wizard is installed, you will see a bunch of pop-ups like these. There is nothing you need to do. Simply ignore them by either pressing Dismiss or Ignore buttons.

Applying the build in Kodi:

From the Kodi home screen, navigate to Add-ons > Program Add-ons. You will see the Supreme Builds Wizard icon here. Click it to run it!

Now open ‘(Supreme Builds) Builds’ option, under supreme builds wizard, click “builds”

Scroll down until you see Titanium Build, It doesn’t matter which server you install they all have the same files.

Now you will get two options – Fresh Install or Standard Install – Fresh Install will wipe all the existing Kodi data clean (including the existing add-ons) and then install Titanium Build. Standard Install will keep your existing Add-ons.

I usually install the standard version as my Kodi is clean with no add-ons or builds

You will get a message asking to install, you will click continue to install the build

Titanium Kodi builds will start to install

Once the installation is complete, you will see the message asking whether you wish to ‘Force Close’ Kodi or ‘Reload Profile,

Click force to close

Now you will see the new titanium build loaded on to Kodi



Kodi Build Repo:



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